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Behind the scenes with our Director Aimee

As our next show approaches, we spent some time chatting with our Director Aimee Matthews about how rehearsals are going, and what you can expect from Spa Theatre Company Juniors' upcoming show, Les Miserables.

How many productions have you been involved with for Spa Theatre Company Juniors? 

I have been with Spa Theatre since we did the 'Addams Family' way back in 2019, wow that feels like a lifetime ago….since then we attempted 'In the Heights' which sadly never made the stage, 'The Little Mermaid', 'Seussical' and now here we are with 'Les Mis'. So, I guess that’s 5 productions, or 4 and a half. 

What has your inspiration been behind the direction for Les Miserables? 

I always find inspiration from the members of the company. They bring me what I need to work with and I take what they have and mould it in to what people eventually see. I have seen Les Mis in the West End and both of the concert versions, we don’t have that budget or that cast so it would be totally foolish to attempt to recreate them. This is our version of a very well known and well loved show and I hope people see new things and love new things. 

What’s your favourite song in this year’s production? 

That’s a tricky one….I LOVE 'On My Own', especially the version in our production and I really love 'Master of the House' and also 'Lovely Ladies' and 'One Day More' and 'ABC Cafe'…. oh I don’t know, all of them. 

If you were a character in Les Miserables, who would you be and why? 

I would be Gavroche; cheeky, fun, everyone’s favourite! 

This is a challenging show for a young cast, how are rehearsals going? 

I would be lying if I told you that the rehearsals had been easy. Every week we come across a new challenge. A lot of rehearsal time has obviously been about learning the very complicated score which has then meant we have less time for the staging, but we’re absolutely getting there. The cast have been fantastic and have really embraced the challenges each week and always offer their ideas and thoughts to make the whole process a really collaborative experience. 

What do you think is the most challenging aspect of putting on such a popular show with such beloved characters? 

Everyone has their own idea of what Les Mis looks like and I keep getting scared that it won’t live up to the expectations people have. But, of course it will, like I have said, it is our version of the show and I know the audience will find new things to love and will hear new bits of music they’ve perhaps missed before. These characters are so real and passionate and our cast really capture the heart of them. 

What can the audience expect from this year's show? 

They can expect passion, destruction, revenge, poverty and hope all set against the French revolution. It is our biggest and (dare I say it) best yet. 

Of all the Spa Theatre Juniors productions that you’ve directed, which has been your favourite?  

That is a very cheeky question. I really really loved the Addams Family and was devastated for In the Heights not to have its moment to shine….but it is probably Les Mis. It’s been on the list for a while and it’s so epic and challenging and iconic that truly it’s been a privilege to  work on with our wonderful cast and my amazingly creative and inspiring friends and production team, Izzy and Jamie.

The show takes place between 10th-13th April at Bridge House Theatre in Warwick. Tickets are selling fast, so don't miss your chance to see our talented cast bring this epic show to the Warwick stage. Visit to buy your tickets now!



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