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High School Musical On Stage! gets glowing review from NODA

high school musical by Spa Theatre Juniors, Leamington Spa Theatre Group

Spa Theatre Juniors are very proud to share the glowing show review from Alison Jayne Smith, Regional Rep for NODA West Midlands District 4...

"Spa Theatre Company Juniors took to the stage to perform Disney’s High School Musical. High School Musical is the story of Troy and Gabriella. They meet on a family vacation and both perform in a karaoke competition. Gabriella is the new girl at school and she and Troy meet with their surprise decision to audition together for the school musical leading to a tale of confessions and more…

The principal cast consisted of some very talented young people. Katie Burrows (Gabriella) and Izzy Owen – Ward (Troy Bolton) worked really well both together as well as solo in their performances, with acting and vocals alike. This was equally echoed by the duo of Lauren Bignall (Sharpay) and Laurie Owen – Ward (Ryan). Aaron Crockford (Chad), Dan Maughan (Zeke) and Lily Crockford (Taylor)'s characters are close friends of Troy and Gabriella and they are all talented individuals and were a pleasure to watch.

William Wright (Jack Scott) the schools announcer was a fabulous individual and he ensured the whole audience was entertained during his performance. Leah Burford (Kelsi) had a smaller but still vital role as the writer of the Winter School Musical, she played the part with ease and was perfectly cast for the role.

Rosie Aspinall – Smyth (Martha), Edith Knibbs (Ripper), Georgia Morgan (Mongo), Libby Hancox (Ms Tenny the Chemistry Teacher) and Chloe Broomhead (Moderator) again played smaller principal roles but all contributed to the performance with enthusiasm and skill.

Lara Catrin (Ms Darbus) and Greg Burford (Coach Bolton) were the drama and basketball coach respectfully. Both did a fabulous job portraying their characters.

The chorus all performed to impeccable standards with a variety of high energy dance numbers; the choreography was beautifully done and a special mention to those involved in “Get’cha Head in the Game” as dance numbers can be complicated enough - the use of basketballs added to the complexity of this number and was pulled off effortlessly.

All of the costumes were perfectly suited to this production and the lighting, sound and set all added up to an enjoyable evening. "

Alison Jayne Smith

Regional Rep - NODA West Midlands District 4

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