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Under the sea - a behind the scenes chat with...

Choreographer, Izzy Lewenz

Spa Theatre Company Juniors resident choreographer for The Little Mermaid takes us behind the curtain of this year’s production and shares a sneak peek at the show.

How many productions have you been involved with for Spa Theatre Company Juniors?

I started with the production of The Addams Family in 2019 and was working towards In The Heights last year, although that never happened for obvious lockdown reasons. But I’m super excited that Spa Theatre Company Juniors is back and I’m already loving The Little Mermaid – it’s going to be a great show.

What has your inspiration been behind the choreography for The Little Mermaid?

I’ve spent a lot of time watching the Broadway and live action versions of the production, as well as The Little Mermaid Live on Disney. I listen to the music and read the script before looking for inspiration, sometimes the movements just come to me and sometimes it helps to see what’s worked previously before landing on the final moves for our production.

What’s your favourite song in this year’s production?

Definitely She’s in Love! It’s super sassy so it was very easy to find inspiration for the choreography for that. I think that will be a favourite for audiences too.

If you were a character in The Little Mermaid, who would you be and why?

I would want to be Ursula because Poor Unfortunate Souls is one of the best songs of the whole musical but I think really, I’d be Scuttle… slightly more chaotic but loveable.

What can the audience expect from the choreography?

Get ready for She’s in Love, it’s arguably one of the best songs in the musical that is not in the Disney cartoon movie – expect some new Little Mermaid songs you might not have heard before along with some of everyone’s favourites like Under the Sea and Kiss the Girl.

Interviews with our Director and Musical Director to follow.

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