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Catching up with our Director...

Aimee Matthews

Spa Theatre Company Juniors resident Director for The Little Mermaid takes us behind the curtain of this year’s production and shares a sneak peek at the show.

How many productions have you been involved with for Spa Theatre Company Juniors?

I have done two and a half shows with Spa Theatre! Our first show was The Addams Family and then we started rehearsals for In the Heights, but sadly it had to be cancelled due to Covid.

It was a real shame not to get to do a show for the last two years but, this year's show is going to be bigger and better!

What has your inspiration been behind the direction for The Little Mermaid?

I have always loved The Little Mermaid and I wanted to make it the most joyful, colourful, enticing version I possibly could.

I want every child in the audience to connect with one of the characters and to bounce out singing the songs at the end.

What’s your favourite song in this year’s production?

She’s in Love! It had always been my favourite, so I'm delighted that I'm able to direct it.

If you were a character in The Little Mermaid, who would you be and why?

If I was going to play any part in this show it would have to be Ursula. I think she is gloriously terrifying. So sassy and glamorous with an evil streak that I love.

And who is your favourite character?

My favourite character is Scuttle. Such a cheeky little seagull and so so funny.

What can the audience expect from this year's show?

They can expect lots of colour and joy! It’s a real celebration of young talent and just the fact we have got to the point where we are getting into the theatre is something to celebrate!

What's your favourite Spa Theatre Juniors production that you've been involved with?

I have to say The Addams Family as it is the only show we’ve ever got to the stage! But The Little Mermaid might take over, we’ll soon find out.



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