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COVID-19 Announcement from Spa Theatre Company

This article is correct from 19 March 2020, and will be updated when necessary.

It refers to the recent challenge of dealing with the Coronavirus outbreak currently affecting the world.

In terms of Spa Theatre Group we are taking the following measures:

  1. In the Heights, Spring 2020 Show Because of Covid-19, the Bridge House Theatre is going to close. We have therefore cancelled our production of “In The Heights”, due to take place in May 2020. We will issue a new date in the coming months. Advance Ticket Sales - If you bought tickets through our advance purchase scheme, the Theatre will reimburse us. But even if they don’t, we will repay you, as a gesture of goodwill.

  2. Members rehearsals We have emailed all parents the following information. Contact us if you have any questions about current members, the show or rehearsals. Key details are: - Tuesday rehearsals at Aylesford School – have been cancelled. - Additional Fiery Feet Sunday Rehearsals - have been cancelled. - Libs - We will need to return the libs to the rights holders. Please post them back to us, and we will then refund your deposit.

  3. The future of Spa Theatre Company We are pleased to tell you that Spa Theatre Company is in a sound financial position and Covid-19 is not a threat to our continued existence. We will resume rehearsals and show planning as soon as Government guidance permits.

  4. Applications for Membership Although we cannot yet know when we will resume normal operations, we are still accepting membership applications. Enquire about membership.

Our good wishes to go out to everyone who may be struggling through this uncertain time.

For more information please contact us.